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Car-PC systems for extreme conditions

Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Offroad Navigation with software from Touratech and Car-PC systems from i4tos.com

澳门太阳集团游戏平台 As long-time sponsor of various expeditions (Sahara, Carpathian Mountains, etc...) we know what is important with offroad applications : Reliability and fast systems for smooth viewing of large satellite maps with Touratech !

Rugged IP66 TabletPC

Ubiqconn VT1020-HRD

Sunlight-readable ! | IP66 Sealing !

澳门太阳集团游戏平台 This TabletPC has an enormous power- and functionality density and is useable for a wide range of applications (eg. CarPC, input terminal, POS, ...) Th [...]

澳门太阳集团游戏平台 1998.00 EUR

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Ubiqconn VT1020-HRD

CarTFT FleetPC-series


This MiniPC was especially designed for fleet applications. The Car-PC can be connected directly to the car battery (12V/24V). Based on ignition plus, the PC w [...]

澳门太阳集团游戏平台 998.00 EUR

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Sunlight-readable TFT displays

CTF846-SLWP (Waterproof)

Waterproof ! IP67 ! | Transflective !

New !澳门太阳集团游戏平台 The display is fully waterproof (IP67) and allows using it in outdoor installations (eg. on boat/yacht, motorbike, etc..) With special s [...]

598.00 EUR

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CTF846-SLWP (Wasserdicht)